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In support of the financial aid fund and student makers at the 3rd Annual Brightworks Maker Marketplace!

At each level of sponsorship, we will honor our partners with acknowledgment on our webpage, social media, and on our Sponsor Honor Board (see details on the Student Maker Sponsor Form)  


We’re thrilled to partner with people and companies who support San Francisco's next generation while simultaneously promoting the work of local businesses that provide important spaces for community and culture in the San Francisco area. Your donations support Brightworks’ mission.

Begin by filling out a Donation form

Either form will work, please fill out the one that is easier for you. Questions? Email us  - we'd love to help.

Donor PDF Form

For those who plan to send a check or prefer to fill out a printed form. Thank you!

For Gifts-in-Kind, silent auction items, or those who prefer to use an online form. Thank you!

Student Maker Sponsor


The levels are named after the unique way Brightworks Students learn - the "ARC" 

Learn More here

“Exploration" Level

(Silver) Donation of $100 or more


  • Mention on the Maker Marketplace webpage


“Expression" Level

(Gold) Donation of $250 or more

  • Mentions on the Maker Marketplace webpage + social media

  • Spot on our Sponsor Honor Board at the Maker Marketplace event


“Exposition" Level

(Platinum) Donation of $500 or more

  • Mention on the Maker Marketplace  webpage and social media

  • Spot on our Sponsor Honor Board at the Maker Marketplace event

  • Be recognized during the Maker Marketplace Program


Wish List and Ideas


Individual or Group


  • Tickets to an event

  • A special meal - home-cooked or gift certificate

  • A stay at a vacation home

  • Custom party or celebration

  • Performance + Meet & Greet



One of a Kind, Handmade or Made to Order?

  • Jewelry, Artwork, Apparel

  • New Sports Equipment, Antique/Vintage Item



By Company or Community Member

  • Spa Services? Pet Sitting? Babysitting?

  • Chef services, Fitness opportunities, Special Accomodations/Appointments

This is just a starting list of ideas we brainstormed. Have another idea or something not mentioned? Please describe as best you can on the form or email us

The Arc

The Arc is the fundamental rhythm of a Brightworks education. With three major arcs each year, students move through a diverse course of study in a series of intensive immersions, emphasizing depth over breadth, integrating and contextualizing the development of skills and domain knowledge.

brightwork arc.png
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