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Halloween Costume

Costumes & Pumpkins

FlipGrid Gallery of

Image by Xtremis.

Flipgrid Gallery of

Scary Stories


We have created a fun gallery in Flipgrid to share costumes, pumpkin decorations and scary stories.


Here is the link:


Flipgrid prefers that you have a google or microsoft account to log in.  Here are your options:

  1. If you have a google email and used it for the BWX roster, enter using that

  2. Your child/ren has a google school email address:  They should know their password

  3. Log in as a guest.  The code is DarkworksRocks


Darkworks has two topics for you to respond to: 

  1.  Costumes and Pumpkins (30 sec max)  you can upload photos as well as make a video submission.  

    • Click ‘Record your Response' 

    • Select ‘Effects’ 

    • Select ‘Photo’

    • Record yourself telling us about the photo!

  2. Scary Stories (3 min max)  Read us a story you like or make up your own!


Don’t forget to check out other people’s submissions and leave them comments!

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